The process of washing carpets is complex, requiring a lot of effort, time and knowledge in the field, being very important to know their composition and quality. Only professional cleaning of carpets ensures the removal of dirt and dangerous organisms, accumulated deep in the fabric of carpets, allowing its revitalization, refreshing colours, removing bacteria and restoring a pleasant smell.

Professional persian rug Cleaning Solutions Brisbane

A professional persian rug cleaning Brisbane based service involves a technology that is based on specific equipment, high performance and ensures this operation sanitary-hygienic conditions that lead to maintaining health and does not create premises for premature wear. Professional washing will do a thorough cleaning to remove dust, sand, odors and bacteria.

The equipment and technology used allow perfect cleaning and sanitation of the carpet. Professional detergents and treatments are used that keep the original colors, the quality treatments leaving the carpets to breathe, giving them a pleasant and comforting smell. Special technologies are used for special situations. Fast and deep drying is done with special equipment, where ventilation, heat and humidity are thoroughly controlled.

The stages that a carpet goes through in our laundry

  • Diagnosis and measurement of the carpet, so that depending on the material, the degree of dirt, the existing stains, the odors released, what professional cleaning and washing products to use.
  • Preliminary vacuuming of dust and other impurities from the carpet so that they do not remain at the root of the fibers and clog the carpet.
  • The actual washing of the carpet made with ultramodern special equipment and professional cleaning products.
  • Double, thorough rinsing, both in the washing equipment and in the centrifuge used later to remove water from the carpet during the drying acceleration stage.

After the centrifugal removal of water from the carpet in a proportion close to 95-97%, it is spread to dry land in a clean, carefully arranged space, where there are no odours that could impregnate the carpet.

Last Words

After perfect drying, our employees vacuum or brush the carpet once more. The stage of final verification of the quality of the washing services provided, so that the carpet is of impeccable cleanliness, to look like new.

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