Cowhide Rugs

How do you care for and clean your cowhide rug? There are very few professional rug cleaners with the knowledge and experience on how to correctly clean a cowhide rug. We know how.


The initial process that inexperienced rug cleaning companies will do is to treat the cowhide rug just like any other rug. Bad move! Getting a cowhide rug completely wet is a bad idea unless it is already ruined and you need to use a last ditch attempt to bring some life back to the rug.

In situations where a Cowhide rug has been subjected to a flooded house, an overflow of the septic water from a toilet or any other total water soaking scenario warrants the complete immersion of the rug into cleaning agents to kill any bacteria, remove septic stains and generally deep wash the rug. In most circumstances such as described, this is the only choice. But when  the process is carried out correctly using the correct cleaning agents, the rug has a far better chance of recovery than if it was thrown into a bathtub of supermarket cleaning agents.

Cowhide rugs will hold odours much longer than other rug compositions so there is a definite requirement to know exactly how to remove those odours such as pet urine or smelly spills that have settled deep onto the hide. And to finish the process, the rug must be sanitised with a product that will not be harmful to your family and will not damage the rug although remain active for an extended period of time.


We know that Premier Rug Cleaning are one of just a few rug cleaning companies in South East QLD that specialise in Cowhide Rug Cleaning and it makes sense to trust us with your special rug. We know the value of your rug and we know how to make sure it retains that value. Let us make it look like new again. We know you will be surprised at just how good we can get it looking.

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