Rug Cleaning & Restoration Brisbane to Gold Coast

Having your rugs cleaned is not a process for inexperienced operators as rugs are easily damaged or suffer from irreparable colourisation failure.

Rug Cleaning services from Brisbane to Gold Coast

Our Complete Rug Washing System

Well-meaning budget carpet cleaners and the keen DIY folk can easily cause more damage than you can imagine (and often do) — don’t gamble with your valuable rugs trust us to keep them looking and feeling their best for years to come.

We will tailor-make a professional rug-washing process to suit your particular rug.

Our comprehensive rug cleaning service range includes:

  • Jet vacuuming to remove all dry dirt and allergens
  • Machine vibration to shake out all dry dirt
  • Dye-locking to prevent colour-bleed
  • Rug hand washing
  • Conditioning rinse to neutralise your rug’s pH, and float out grit and dust
  • Jet extraction to remove anything that isn’t part of your rug
  • Grooming by hand to really lift the rug’s pile and set the nap to a uniform finish
  • Hanging and 2-hour drying in our specialty drying room.

Optional rug cleaning services include:

  • Specialised stain removal
  • Pet stain removal
  • Odour removal
  • Over-locking to stabilise edges
  • Fringe cleaning and whitening
  • 24-hour water damage restoration
  • Rug restoration
  • You can protect your rugs giving them up to 3 years protection against:
    – dirt and dust (just shake off) and
    – stains and spills (just blot up)