Terms & Conditions:

Premier Rug Cleaning guarantee:

  • All rugs that are being collected MUST be prepared by the client prior to our arrival. We do not move furniture on the day. If you do require any furniture to be moved this must be arranged at the time of the booking.
  • Please be advised that whilst we endeavour to remove all stains, we cannot guarantee removal of high acid-based stains, including pet stains and any high acid base stains.
  • If there has been a pet accident on the rug, we have recommended an antimicrobial wash to remove the odour.  Please be aware that the severity of the odour, the age and diet of the pet, will determine the outcome. We do have several different processes to remove pet odours and we will be working hard to remove this odour, often we will need to treat the rug several times. The price you have been quoted for an Anti-Microbial treatment is for up to two treatments. Any additional treatments will incur an additional cost.
  • The first step in stain removal is the most important one, please contact one of our helpful team for sound advice before attempting any home remedies. Remember, everything you read on the internet isn’t always true.
  • Every attempt to secure dyes in rugs prior to cleaning is undertaken. However, some dyes in rugs cannot be locked. If your rug has pet accidents this may cause colour bleeding. Premier Rug Cleaning will not accept liability, nor be found at fault if colour bleeding occurs. For further information, please click this link; rugchick.com/protect-your-rugs-from-pet-urine-damage/
  • Payment is not required at the pickup, payment is required by 12:00 noon the day prior to delivery. This can be via EFT or Credit Card. If you wish to pay by cash, you must be present at the time of the delivery, have the money in an envelope with your name on it and hand it to our driver. Please be advised that under no circumstances will a rug be left without payment.
  • Once you have accepted the quotation for your rug to be cleaned and the rug has been collected from your home, if you change your mind and you want your rug returned uncleaned or disposed of, we reserve the right to charge a fee of $50.00.
  • If you relocate or the rug is being delivered to a different address, you must email us your new address within 3 days of your expected delivery. We will not guarantee the scheduled delivery until we verify if your suburb is in the same zone for the 5 business day turnaround guarantee and a free pickup and delivery fee zone. If your suburb is not in the same zone, it will be allocated to the day we are in your zone. If you fail to notify us of a change of address, we reserve the right to charge a fee of $50.00.
  • If your rug is delivered in plastic, please remove the plastic upon delivery to avoid the rug sweating & retaining moisture inside the bag.
  • We reserve the right to request a deposit of 50% on any repairs payable at the time of approval.
  • If you are not delighted with our service or the cleaning of your rug, simply tell us within 48hrs of delivery. We will collect the rug and re-clean it, at no cost to you. No questions asked. We want happy clients!

                                                            Preparation for storage

  • We can prepare your rugs for storage by wrapping them in hessian and inserting moth balls. If prepared by us the rug can be left wrapped for up to 12 months. We do not recommend they stay wrapped any more than 12 months without you opening the rug up, checking it and replenish moth balls. 

5-day Service guarantee

  • We have a guaranteed service delivery time of 5 business days, this excludes secondary treatments that may be needed for stubborn odour and stains. If your rug is not delivered in 5 business days, we will deliver your rug absolutely free of charge.
  • This applies to rugs that are being cleaned only, and excludes rugs being repaired, stored on site or prepared for storage,

Excludes public holidays, acts of God, vehicle breakdown, injury or illness and extreme weather events.

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to visit our website www.premierrugcleaning.com.au , contact us via email admin@premierrugcleaning.com.au or call us directly on  1800 655 949.