Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskins make for exquisite rugs that lend splendour and plush comfort to your home. With correct care they will last for many years. But without proper care they will deteriorate far too quickly and some rugs can even get to a point of beyond redeeming.

Premier Rug Cleaning believe it is worth you knowing that not all sheepskins are the same with each type having its own unique characteristics which means the cleaning rule for one may not be the same for another.  The sheepskin composition is a treated pelt that has sueded leather on one side with a soft, plush wool on the other and as such, they require extra care and attention to keep them clean.


Daily Vacuuming

Always take care when running your vacuum through the house. If your sheepskin rug is in an area that is seldom walked on then there is no need to vacuum every time you do your general vacuuming. But when you decide that the rug needs a going over, it is better to set your vacuum head height to the highest setting or better still, you could use the upholstery attachment to safely vacuum your rug.

General Use Cleaning

If your sheepskin rug is in need of a clean from just general daily usage it is not a good option to run it through the washing machine (even on a gentle cycle) as that could permanently damage the rugs fibres, size, colour and integrity plus of course, a larger rug will be likely to cause damage to your machine. Another option is hand washing but whilst it is far more gentle than the machine, you will find it difficult to rinse out all of the water by hand which means your rug will not dry properly.

Accidental Spills Cleaning

As with any floor rugs sheepskins are all too often subjected to food and drink spills or even the odd dirt unknowingly tracked in on shoes. If your rug has a spill of any food or drink, or any serious dirt, do not rub the area, even just a little bit! Spot clean is the only way you can safely clean your sheepskin rug yourself.


Premier Rug Cleaning know only too well that many owners of sheepskin rugs tend to take them to the dry cleaners on a regular basis. This is not such a good idea as the treatment they use is likely to remove the sheepskins natural oils and once that happens, there is no going back for your rug.

For the safest way to clean your sheepskin rug, let the professionals do it with the right equipment and cleaning products. Take advantage of our experience and have us do the job for you and return it just like new.

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