Do you have a wet rug due to unexpected flooding or water leakage? Are you looking for professional rug drying tips to clean and dry your wet rug?  You are at the right place

A rug adds a unique charm to your living room. A neatly cleaned and well-maintained rug improves the look of your home. But when your rug gets wet or dirty unexpectedly, then cleaning and drying your rug can be a huge task.

When your rug gets wet due to water damage, then it needs to be cleaned and dried as soon as possible. Because, when a rug is wet for a long period, then it can be completely ruined and a wet rug is also a breeding ground for fungus, mould, and bacteria.

Here are some professional rug drying tips to dry your wet rug

Remove the excess water from the rug

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to remove the excess water from the rug. You can remove the excess water using towels or you can also use materials that absorb water to remove excess water from the rug.

Apart from using towels and other water-absorbing materials, you can also use wet vacuum cleaners to remove the excess water from the rug.

Take the rug outdoors

Once you have removed the excess water, it is suggested to take your rug outside your home. Unlike carpets, which are mostly glued to the flooring, the rugs can be taken outside. But when you place your rug outside, make sure not to place it directly under the sun, you need to place it in a shaded place. Directly placing the rug under the sun can impact the colour of the rug.

If there is no option to place the rug outside, you can open all the windows in your home and you can use the fans to dry the rug.

Make sure the rugs are drying evenly

On an average sunny day, a rug can take up to 8 hours to dry completely. But during winters it can take up to 24 hours to dry. When drying the rug, you have to check every few hours to make sure that it is drying evenly.

In case if the rug is not drying evenly, you can use multiple fans to dry the rug. This will ensure that the fresh air reaches each and every part of the rug and that the rug dries evenly

If needed try hang up the rug on a fence

Even if using multiple fans to dry the rug does not help the rug to dry evenly, you can then try to hang up the rug on a fence. Or you can tie a strong rope between two poles in your backyard and hang the rung on the ropes. This will ensure that the rug receives even airflow and helps the rug to dry evenly.

This process may not work with a large rug but works well with small or medium-sized rugs.

Disinfect the rug

After the rug is completely dry, you need to disinfect the rug. Disinfection and deodorization of the rug are very much important after completely drying the rug. Disinfection of the rug is an important process and it is best done by professional rug cleaners. Because it involves substances like alcohol and it needs experience to handle the disinfection

These are some of the important professional rug drying tips when you got a wet rug. But if your rug is excessively damaged by water. Or if you do not have space at home to dry the rug, then it is better to get in touch with a professional rug cleaning company.

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